Web solutions

With more than 5 years web work experience and exposure, websites are now a forefront skill of mine that is backed by my varied portfolio of work.



Business consulting and solutions are also a specialty of mine, with starting my own online business as well as creative business plans for marketing and more!


Chris’ cost-effective and proactive skill has greatly benefited my business and all the websites I need for it! He has displayed a very professional standard of work that can’t be matched for someone of his age or price!

Lisa Preuveneers / Web Solutions Client

Apple_ManPS3 was fantastic, cannot speak highly enough of him. Worked brilliantly and communicated fantastically throughout the project. Will definitely work with him in the future!

Britanny I. / Fiverr Client

It was an awesome experience to work with Chris. I will definitely work with him again and again and again.
His effort is above my expectations. It’s really awesome to work with him.

Manisha Mozumder / Fiverr Client

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