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Building the best user experiences for any device

Law Consultancy Services – London, UK

A complete website redesign, transforming the site from raw HTML & PHP to WordPress CMS.

MyNotary Network – London, UK

Tasks have included site creation, transfer, maintenance and optimization across SEO and usability. This site was also reconstructed from raw HTML & PHP to a fresh WordPress site.

BC Finest – British Columbia, Canada

Updating a website to accommodate a better user experience and include a range of product filters to help users shop.

Mikanda Universe – Texas, USA

Designed from a PSD file, this website served as an efficient landing page for a theatrical show with bookings and other interactive elements.

Manisha Mozumder – Berlin, Germany

Updating an existing website to accommodate a more effective funnel for appointments and bookings for services.

Trending Handbag – Massachusetts, USA

Building a website around the top 300 handbags within Amazon’s listings and attaching them to an affiliate account for private use.

Hot Tubs Central – Massachusetts, USA

Providing a range of Amazon Affiliate products on a WordPress framework for a client targeting a niche demographic.

Other Experiences