Project: TrendingHandbags

The Brief:

I was stumped with this task from one of my returning clients.

300 handbags.

All linked to an Amazon Affiliate account.

In 7 days.

This website was fun to design using all the skill I have to be able to convey a desirable product to a potential client. I also used this canvas to try some new techniques of site building and structure to better the website of my client.
However, the product importing was not as monotonous as I perceived it to be, as the immense feeling of satisfaction was present when I finally finished importing and catorgorizing all 300 products. My next feat came with editing the theme’s PHP to be able to make all buttons direct to their Amazon page and also modify the shopping cart system; in the end, my client was very pleased with their final product and was delighted to see the amount of effort put into it.

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This job was contracted through Fiverr.