I’m Chris,
here’s a little bit about me…

My Skill Set:

Web Design
Graphic Design
Business Strategy

My skills are technology oriented, however in my full resumé, you can find my full skill set, including practical and real world skills I have taught myself over time.

These are a few of my most used skills when working online.

These skills are either well known by myself or backed by a certification. Please reference my full resumé.

About Me:

I am a British-American teenage web developer and businessman from New Jersey hoping to succeed in the technology field whilst also gaining valuable experience from other aspects of the world. In 2010 I moved to the UK and started to become more encompassed with technology as I began doing small freelance web work when I was 11. Since then I am looking to further develop my hobby to be able to become more proficient with my skill set and also have fun at the same time! I am a very focused individual whom is efficient at reaching goals to be able to progress ahead of any competition, even when challenges are presented to me. I also would like to mention that I am very open to helping people in and outside of my community and will always be able to assist anything I can. This comes from my religious background, in hope of making a positive impact in my own way.

Notable Achievements:

These achievements are from external courses taken which verify my skill/achievement in certain fields:

  • Duke of Edinburgh Award (BRONZE)
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award (SILVER)
  • freeCodeCamp.org Responsive Web Developer Certification
  • Google Digital Garage Certification
  • Google Primer Qualification
  • IT Recognition Award (High School Award)
  • Media Studies Recognition Award (High School Award)
  • LinkedIn HTML Certificate
  • LinkedIn CSS Certificate
  • LinkedIn WordPress Certificate

These achievements are from personal experience and are believed to be of importance:

  • COO & Co-Founder of Appleosophy Media (appleosophy.com)
  • Volunteer Instructor at Aqua Sports UK (Apr 2016 – Jan 2019)
  • Student Volunteer at PHAB Charity (Ongoing)
  • Gardener for the Kingswood Lawn Tennis Club (Apr 2018 – Nov 2019)
  • Self taught HTML, CSS and WordPress
  • Self taught Search Engine Optimisation
  • Self taught Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram Advertising
  • Have more than 5+ years of online working experience
Articles by me